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HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Corp., Chicago, sponsors The People's Platform Fri., 10- p.m., EST on CBS-TV starting Oct. My suggestion is that they be called "editorials," or even, in extreme cases, "radio editorials." This may be treason, and it may be too subtle; but I believe that it would tend to put radio editorializ- ing on a level with other editorial- izing — a calling that has built its dignity for some hundreds of years — rather than with the beautologist, the realtors, and the morticians. Your boy said "His (Capp's) presence in a forum was not easily explainable. P.-Jello Aldrich Family _U^ of j^ptw NSYiv AMii.^ , into the coal mining areas /^^^^ of ^^^/^ tobacco and cotton sections of /^h-urouna^, and in and around and about the Blue Ridge Mountains of • (BMB says so.) That's a lot of territory and a lot of listeners ! This case also may possibly encompass the refusal of some newspapers to publish the logs of their own stations while denying space to others.

If, in a newspaper he wants to read an ad about a deodorant, he reads it, if he prefers not to — he doesn't have to. Your writer knew this when he wrote his li'l piece. Those who defend the evils of radio are not the friends of radio. Malone S :00 Old Gold Sto; the Music (173) Coca-Cola Mc Carthy Show (171) B Co-op A. People are Funny (164) Organ Music S Dress Parade S Flavored with Flutes Pel Milk Kay Armen (162) K. National Sales Headquarters: 527 Lexington Ave., New York 17, Eldorado 5-2455 BROADCASTING • Telecasting October 3, 1949 • Page 43 £iditotia L i Freedom or Hokum? 26 Years' Experience in Radio Engineering MUNSEY BLDG. Member AFCCE* There is no substitute for experience GLENN D. It erupted violently with the filing of an anti-trust suit by the Dept. I FOR MANY months it has been an open se- f cret in radio regulatory circles that something would pop on the so-called issue of "monopoly in public opinion".

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