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You will be notified whenever you change your chat level, either when you move up or when you move down a level.

Good chat and positive actions are an easy way to move your chat level up.

This trust state will earn you recognition for being on your way to becoming an important citizen and also earn you rewards on the planet Sarillion.

Good Standing - Good Standing players are at the basic level of chat privileges.

In order to achieve Trusted status, you will have to continuously say good, trusted things that help fight the Darkness and make the Idea Seeker Universe a great place to make new friends and meet up with old friends.

Any Dark Words or broken rules will automatically reset your status and slow down your progress towards becoming a Trusted citizen so be careful to follow the chat rules!

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Chatting on Kids, you can talk to kids from all over the world.

Remember to follow these rules or you will lose your ability to chat and may even be banned from the Idea Seeker Universe.

CHAT STATUS PRIVILEGES There are three levels of chat status each with a different chat bar color.

Untrusted Status - Untrusted Warrior Drone level players will receive less chat privileges than others who are either at the Trusted level or the Good Standing level.

You will achieve Untrusted status after breaking the chat rules.

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